Thursday, April 3, 2008

South sound shoebox swap

We all had so much fun! It was neat to meet people that you have only seen their work on SCS or on a tiny avatar. Everyone was great and Sarah was a terrific hostess! Thanks so much for a fun evening. Here are a few pictures I took at our gathering:

Here's Stephanie and Linsey excited to begin...Pushpa and Sarah chatting and stamping

The lovely and talented AJ and Maren. Super sweet ladies ( AJ I opted not to publish the picture of you enjoying you enchiladas :) You guys rock!


AJ said...

And I thank you *so* very much for not posting those!!! :)
You rock! Hopefully you can make it to the crop at Ben Franklin's!!
if not we will have to get together again sometime!!

Maren said...

Oh, I so wanted you to publish that one of AJ! ;-) We will need to do this again sometime!!

Pushpa Johnson said...

Okay, so you spare AJ, but not me!? J/J, since you won't be able to come and meet my new best friend Ali, we need to pick another date to get together!

Linsey said...

OMG--Why did you post me? I totally look stoned (and yucky)! Everyone else looks FAB, but I wish you would cut me out of that pic...ICK! Quick, post something else so you at least have to scroll to see it!